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Here's How To Make Your Cryptocurrency | Blockchain Works

Fawzan Hussain

17 Feb 2022

6 min read

Here's How To Make Your Cryptocurrency | Blockchain Works
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If you have ever wondered how cryptocurrency came into existence, this article is definitely for you. Although, in theory, anyone can create a cryptocurrency, everyone does not have the knowledge and resources which are necessary to take on this huge task.

Even if a person manages to make a new cryptocurrency, hundreds and thousands of other works include a promotion, listing the exchange, and other ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Suppose you are still curious about creating your own cryptocurrency; read on to find all about how to make your cryptocurrency.

What Is The Difference Between A Token And A Coin?

Before moving forward with the detailed technicalities of creating your cryptocurrency, it is essential to have our facts straight by looking at some of the basic definitions used in all cryptocurrency conversations.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

What is blockchain.png

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that relies on encryption to generate new units and confirm transactions. It covers all the essential functions of a currency with the only difference of running outside a centralised platform such as a bank. Cryptocurrencies are entirely digital and do not have banknotes, but they have coins often confused with tokens. The primary difference between a coin and a token is that tokens function on top of an established blockchain technology infrastructure like Ethereum. In contrast, cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin have their own blockchain. Cryptocurrencies generally function like fiat currencies without having any centralised bank. On the other hand, tokens usually represent a contract-specific utility value for a blockchain application. Tokens can also serve as a contract for a digital version such as event tickets loyalty points.

Simple Steps To Create Cryptocurrency

There are three basic ways to create a cryptocurrency. However, none of them is fast and easy, but creating a cryptocurrency becomes quite simple if you understand the basic concept. Here is how you can create a cryptocurrency.

  • Create a new blockchain

The first step to making a new cryptocurrency is to make a blockchain that involves substantial coding skills. This is one of the most challenging ways to create a cryptocurrency. However, several simple online courses guide their users through the entire process.

  • Take an existing blockchain

Taking an existing blockchain is quicker and less complicated than creating a new one from scratch. This usually involves taking an open-source code and then altering it. Once you have changed the open-source code, you can launch a new coin with a different name. This process is also called forking. For instance, the developers of Litecoin created it by forking from Bitcoin. On the other hand, several other cryptocurrency developers have formed different coins from Litecoin, such as Garlicoin and Litecoin Cash. But this process still requires the original creator to have an essential coding skill to modify the existing code.

  • Use an existing platform

The last and easiest option to create any cryptocurrency is to use an existing platform like Ethereum. This is especially useful for those who are unfamiliar with coding. If you are not familiar with writing codes, you can also consider a creation service that does the technical work and then hands over the finished product to you.

Make Cryptocurrency In Just 7 Steps

Once you have decided on blockchain technology's essential requirements and aspects, you can start working on blockchain development.

Step 1: Decide on a Mechanism

The first step is to decide on a consensus mechanism, the primary protocol that determines whether or not a network will consider a particular transaction. Each and every node has to confirm a transaction for it to go through. This is also known as achieving consensus. It is essential to have a consensus to determine how a node will confirm a transaction. For instance, the first consensus mechanism for bitcoin was proof of work. Some other popular consensus mechanisms include proof of stake.

Step 2: Choose a Blockchain

choose blockchain.png

The next step is to choose a blockchain. You can select a blockchain based on the three methods mentioned earlier. You can either create a new blockchain, fork an existing blockchain or use an existing platform. A coin or even or token needs a place to stay and this designing the type of blockchain environment in the coin that will exist is one of the most crucial steps. This choice depends on your level of coding skills and project goals.

Step 3: Create the Nodes

Creates nodes.png

Nodes are the backbone of all distributed Ledger technology, including blockchains. As a cryptocurrency developer, you need to determine how your nodes will function. What should be the hardware details, and how will the hosting work? All these questions need to be answered while creating a node for your cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Build the Blockchain Architecture

Before launching any coin as a cryptocurrency, the development company should be 100% sure about all the functionalities of the blockchain and the design of its nodes. Once the leading network has been launched, there will be no going back and almost learning everything that can be changed. This is why it is crucial to test out the basic test net beforehand. This includes simple things like cryptocurrencies address format and other complex things like integrating the entire blockchain communication group to call to allow the blockchain to communicate with other blockchain platforms.

Step 5: Integration of the APIs

integration of the APIs.png

Every platform does not provide an application programming interface or API. Thus, it is essential to ensure that a newly created cryptocurrency has an API to help it stand out and increase its adoption.

Step 6: Design the Interface

Designing the interface is extremely important, and it is a good idea to make sure that the interface is user friendly and people do not find it too difficult to use. The web server and the file transfer protocol server should always be up to date, and the programming for both the front and the back end should be done with all feature developments in mind.

Step 7: Make cryptocurrency legal.

In early 2017-2018, many developers faced much trouble guiding to promote ICOs. During that time, cryptocurrency was in a legal area, which made it confusing for new developers to realise that creating or promoting any new coin could result in criminal charges depending on the circumstances. Therefore, before launching any new currency, it is good to research the various laws and regulations regarding security offerings and other related topics. Due to the complexity of the near issues and regular updates mean internationally, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who has expertise in this area to help guide you through the entire process.

Benefits of Having Your Cryptocurrency

If let’s say you have a start-up project that needs its blockchain, you need to create your digital currency that incentivises the nodes which distribute the processing power. However, several other essential advantages make it highly beneficial to have your cryptocurrency.

  • Elimination of fraud risks it's one of the significant advantages of having you on cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency is almost impossible to contact feet and no one can reverse past transactions, fraud risks are eliminated. As a result, it is highly safe to have your cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency provides transaction anonymity. Another significant advantage of cryptocurrency is the anonymity that comes with it. Every customer can decide the amount of information they want their sellers to know about them. If a person wants to hold specific details while having any transaction with a seller, cryptocurrency allows them to have that kind of anonymity.

  • By cutting down the operating costs, cryptocurrency becomes exceptionally cheap. Since cryptocurrency is free from exchange and interest rates and various types of transaction charges, the functional price of digital currency is meagre.

  • Cryptocurrency offers immediate transactions irrespective of state holidays, business hours, and even the geographic locations of the parties concerned. You can have transactions no matter where you are or what time it is.

  • It provides an immediate pool of new and potential customers. You can have business exchange through cryptocurrency without access to traditional exchange resources. You no longer need to worry about any trade restrictions in any market while transacting cryptocurrency.

Final Takeaway

This is only the basic outline of creating cryptocurrency using a consensus mechanism and the minor technical aspects; creators need to have a wide range of coding skills and technical and legal knowledge before launching any cryptocurrency in the market. In addition to these technical aspects, creators of a new coin also need to figure out how cryptocurrency can value your customers. The marketing aspect and other network issues also need to be considered while significant for any cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, the basic and most important aspect of creating your cryptocurrency is to have complete and proper planning regarding every aspect. It is important to ensure that you do not move ahead blindly without any plan.

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