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Senior Security Operations Engineer


Remote within United States

Posted 2 months ago

The Interoperable Layer-1 Blockchain That Connects All Chains

Tech stack

  • Cosmos

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain aims to be the only blockchain you’ll ever need. It is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place, as a developer or user.

ZetaChain prides itself on its vibrant and active community, a testament to our growing impact and relevance in the blockchain space:

  • Thriving Ecosystem: Over 150+ dApps developed, showcasing diverse innovation and utilization.
  • Engagement: With over 800K+ followers on Twitter and an equally active Discord community of 800K+ members, ZetaChain fosters a dynamic environment for engagement, and collaboration.
  • Activity: Our testnet has seen over 35K+ smart contracts deployed and processed over 25M+ transactions.
  • Well Funded: Raised over $27M!

Find out more about our ecosystem: https://www.zetachain.com/ecosystem

Find out more about our hiring culture: Dream Team Culture

Why You Want To Work Here

Join ZetaChain and be part of an exceptional team dedicated to pioneering blockchain innovation. We're a group of focused, high-achieving, and smart individuals who are passionate about learning and building new solutions.

  • Remote Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a remote work environment, ensuring a work-life balance. Plus occasional trips to our San Francisco or New York City Offices to meet the team in person.
  • High End Workstations: Get the latest tech for your home office and a cutting edge company laptop
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Dive deep into the latest advancements in blockchain technology with ZetaChain's innovative protocol.
  • Impactful Role: Play a pivotal role in shaping the security and efficiency of a leading blockchain protocol.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, ensuring you're always at the forefront of the industry.
  • Collaborative Environment: Work alongside a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique expertise to the table.
  • Community Engagement: Collaborate with external security researchers and white-hat hackers, tapping into the broader community's expertise.

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled Security Operations Engineer to enhance our security monitoring and response capabilities for our internal IT systems and manage our internal IT assets. In this role, you'll work with a well-rounded team in a fast-paced remote environment, leveraging your expertise in security best practices and incident response.


Our ideal candidate description is a wish list, not a checklist. We don't expect every applicant to tick every box. If you have a strong alignment with many of the qualifications and a passion for learning, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Manage endpoint protection tools like Crowdstrike
  • Ensure all IT assets are properly tracked and maintained
  • Take ownership of IAM for the organization
  • Create security response playbooks and then begin automating them
  • Ensure IT systems are properly patched
  • Implement a vulnerability & patch management process
  • Ensure all processes meet our security, performance, and reliability requirements
  • Location:
  • Remote (Near San Francisco or New York City Preferred)
  • Languages: Terraform, Bash, TypeScript/JavaScript, Go,
  • Tech stack: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, MacOS
  • Platforms: GCP, AWS, Vercel, SpaceLift, CrowdStrike, GitHub
  • Experience:
  • 3+ years of cyber security operations
  • 2+ years of incident response
  • 2+ IT Device Management
  • 1+ Identity and Access Management
  • 1+ years working with endpoint protection tools like Crowdstrike
  • Must play well with others, security is a team sport and at ZetaChain everyone participates!
  • Security Mindset: constantly anticipating and strategizing against potential threats and vulnerabilities in any system or process.
  • Bonus points:
  • Understanding of blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos); smart contracts (solidity, rust/wasm), p2p networking
  • Experience operating blockchain nodes and/or working with Web3 Technologies
  • Familiar with DevOps/DevSecOps methodologies & best practices

Who Would Be a Good Fit for This Role?

A candidate who is a security specialize at heart with a diverse set of experiences. They enjoy managing the always shifting IT environment of a startup and aren’t afraid to get hands on writing code and scripts as needed. Specifically:

1.Security Operations Engineer

  • A Security Operations Engineer with an interest in blockchain technology.
  • A professional skilled in security monitoring and incident response, ready to apply their knowledge to the blockchain sector.
  • An individual who combines a strong background in security operations with a growing interest in blockchain innovations.
  • Proactive in learning and adapting to the unique security needs of blockchain technology at ZetaChain.

2.SIEM Specialist

  • A professional skilled in SIEM setup and operations but ready to branch out into a broader security role
  • An individual who combines a strong background in security operations with a growing interest in blockchain innovations.

3.Web Application Security Background:

  • Those who have worked on projects where blockchain and web applications intersect, understanding the security implications of integrating blockchain into web environments.
  • Expertise in securing web applications, with a deep understanding of OWASP Top 10 and experience in implementing robust security measures.



Role type

Full time

Visa sponsorship

Not provided

Benefits & perks

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