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Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer


Remote worldwide

Posted 7 months ago

deploy Move applications, everywhere

Tech stack

  • Rollup

This is the first opportunity to join a core team that’s excited about software security and reimagining the tools required for building groundbreaking applications. We believe that Ethereum will continue to be the leading platform for smart contract development but it’s far from its potential. We are bringing to Ethereum the benefits of security-first development and tools that bring innovators closer to what they really want to build. We are drawn to solving complex challenges, advocate for simple solutions, and believe in the principles of open-source software.

Responsibilities involve:

  • Building and maintaining internal and external infrastructure like a sequencer, indexer, full node, light node, and other technologies.
  • Creating tools that will bring maximum liveness and minimum latency for globally distributed users of the network.
  • Building and maintaining tools that will optimize for the rollup’s DA throughput based on parameters like cost, security, latency, and throughput.
  • Managing internal monitoring frameworks for all team members to get visibility into the live running systems.

We value individual needs and are open to offering generous terms to outstanding candidates. Both compensation and location are flexible. If you excel in roles that encourage self-direction and autonomy, let’s hear from you.



Role type

Full time

Visa sponsorship

Not provided

Benefits & perks

  • Remote Working

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