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Community Manager

Superchain Incorporated

Makati, Philippines

Posted 4 months ago


Tech stack

  • Marketing


2. 用户深层次需求的挖掘,对用户群体进行细分,制定用户精细化运营策略,根据公司要求,持续完善用户运营模型;

3. 设计并执行多样化用户运营方案及活动策划,持续有效增加用户黏性,提升高质量用户的活跃度;

4. 负责全球社群激励架构,制定全球各个社区粉丝互动策略,增加社区平台粉丝数;

5. 熟悉dex和中心化交易所规则,协调制定做市激励方案和社区奖励细则;

6. 具备一定的数据分析能力,以数据驱动产品运营策略并持续改进。

1. Based on the current market situation and business development needs, analyze the life cycle and behavioral characteristics of different users, and build a user stratification and growth operation system;

2. Explore the deep-seated needs of users, segment user groups, formulate refined user operation strategies, and continue to improve the user operation model according to company requirements;

3. Design and implement diversified user operation plans and activity planning to continuously and effectively increase user stickiness and enhance the activity of high-quality users;

4. Responsible for the global community incentive structure, formulating fan interaction strategies for various communities around the world, and increasing the number of fans on the community platform;

 5. Be familiar with dex and centralized exchange rules, and coordinate the formulation of market-making incentive plans and community reward rules;

6. Have certain data analysis capabilities, use data to drive product operation strategies and continuously improve.


1. 本科及以上学历,触觉敏锐、思维活跃、条理清晰;;

2. 有海外社区运营增长经验优先;

3. 具有娴熟的沟通技巧,富有敬业精神,有强烈的责任心和进取心,能承受较大的工作压力,善于团队合作;

4. 了解并熟悉token及nft使用规则

job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, keen sense of touch, active thinking and clear organization;

2. Priority will be given to those with overseas community operation and growth experience;

3. Have skillful communication skills, high professionalism, strong sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit, be able to withstand greater work pressure, and be good at teamwork;

4. Understand and be familiar with token and NFT usage rules

5. Mandarin speaking is required 

What makes you a perfect
candidate for this role

  • An academic degree in the relevant field

  • 2+

    years of commercial experience
  • Corresponding level of skills:

    community engagement


  • Language skills:




$20K - 45K + Equity

Role type

Full time

Visa sponsorship

Not provided

Benefits & perks

  • Career advice

  • Paid leave

  • Housing benefit - support with rent

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